Helping Taranaki become predator-free

Helping Taranaki become predator-free

At RMY Legal we’re excited to be supporting Taranaki Taku Turanga – Our Place, Towards Predator-Free Taranaki which aims to be the first predatorfree region in New Zealand. This initiative is led by the Taranaki Regional Council and, at RMY, by legal executive, Lisa Steffensen, and staff solicitor, Rachel Standring.

Most of our staff have bought rat traps through Woodleigh School, which is one of the New Plymouth schools constructing wooden trap boxes.

“We’ve had great success with a number of rats trapped in the bush around our offices and by our staff at home. The T-Rex traps that we’re using are very easy to use as you don’t need to have your fingers too near the dead rat when releasing them from the trap. Unlike traditional traps, these T-Rex traps operate like a giant bulldog clip. The wooden tunnels that come with the traps are designed to keep children, pets and birds safe,” says Lisa.

“Two of our staff (one rural and one urban) have also caught four possums between them over the last month. Some of us also have stoat traps and we are using a special lure/bait, not poison, to attract stoats, ferrets and weasels.

“Getting rid of rats, possums, stoats, ferrets and weasels from Taranaki will go a long way towards helping our native plants and trees flourish and to provide a better habitat to allow our native birds, lizards, bats, and insects to flourish.”

If you would like to know more about ridding Taranaki of predators, go to Towards Predator-Free Taranaki’ or its Facebook page.

Pictured: Lisa Steffensen and Rachel Standring setting the bulldog clip ready for the predator trap.

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