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Our teams of highly skilled professionals advise on various areas of law, getting you great results in understandable terms.

Asset Planning

Asset/Estate and Retirement Planning

With our dedicated Senior Citizens Division and independent Financial Planning skills available on site, RMY Legal work to protect your hard-won assets for the future benefit of those you love.

RMY Legal services include:

Asset Protection Advice
Fund Management and Independent Financial Planning Advice
Family Trusts
Relationship Property Agreements
Rest Home and Retirement Village Contracts
Preparing Wills
Gifting Programmes
Preparation of Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney
Family Protection and Testamentary Promises Claims
Residential Care Subsidy Entitlements

For more information please contact John Middleton, Leanne Young or any one of our partners for advice on your Asset/Estate and Retirement Planning today.


Owning a business is tough, and getting the legal aspect right so that you don’t fall into any pitfalls is essential to your success. Using our knowledge of law coupled with your practical experience, we can ensure your business is primed to succeed. We are there for you every step of the way.

RMY Legal services include:

If you are starting a business
Business Sale and Purchase Agreements
Incorporation of New Companies
Obtaining Licences, Permits, Leases, Consents
Dealing with Local Government
Advising on Business Structures 
     -  Shareholder/Partnership Agreements
     -  Joint Ventures
     -  Trading Trusts
Project Financing and Organisation
Building and Construction

Operating your business
Establishing Standard Terms and Conditions
Income Tax (Overseas and Corporations Operating in NZ) and GST Issues
Financing and Guarantees
Trademark, Copyright or Intellectual Property Issues
Contracts for Supplying/Acquiring Goods or Services
Disputes with Customers or Suppliers
Employment/Independent Contractor Contracts
eCommerce/Internet Issues
Disputes Between Business Partners

Closing your business
Selling a Business
Winding up a Business
Managing Insolvency, Liquidation and Receivership

For more information please contact John Middleton, Charles Wilkinson, Scott Grieve, Scott Chamberlain, Adam Thame, Stephanie George, Sarah Kirkland, Bayley Roylance, Andrew Bright or any one of our partners for advice on your Commercial Law needs today.


People management is essential to the success of any business and RMY Legal can provide critical, timely and money-saving assistance, to walk you through any employment issues and can represent you (if necessary) at Mediation, Investigation, and on appeal in the Employment Court or Court of Appeal.
Acting for either employees or employers, here at RMY Legal, we have an excellent reputation and can assist with many services.

RMY Legal services include:

Performance Management and Disciplinary Procedures
Employment Agreements Tailored to your Business
What to do When an Employee Won't Sign an Employment Agreement
Independent Contractors or Employees – which should it be?
Restructurings and Redundancies
Harassment Policies and Claims
Stress Policies and Claims
Personal Grievance Claims
Drug Testing and Camera Surveillance Issues
Managing Employees Through the Sale of a Business
Exit-associated Activity
Facilitation of Workplace Issues
Mediation of Employment Disputes

For more information please contact Ian Matheson or any one of our partners for advice on your Employment Law needs today.


Our specialist Family Law team has an impressive record of reported cases having successfully represented clients on a number of ground breaking issues. RMY Legal advises clients on how to manage family issues and our lawyers are experienced at identifying the issues at hand and assisting to resolve those issues, if possible, in a practical and conciliatory manner.

RMY Legal services include:

Pre-Nuptial Agreements
Division of Relationship Property
Relationship Property Agreements
Dissolution of Marriage
Family Trusts
Child Care Disputes
Parenting Orders
Relocation Disputes
Child, Youth and Family Disputes
Child Support
Family Protection Claims
Protection of Personal and Property Rights
Assisted Reproduction and Surrogacy Matters
Lawyer for Child, and Counsel to Assist the Court

For more information please contact Charles WilkinsonKylie Briggs, Rachel Standring or Bayley Roylance about your Family Law needs today.

Land Development

RMY Legal have been the lawyers behind many of Taranaki’s successful property developers and have helped them to optimise margins by recognizing and managing risk. We have the depth of local knowledge and resources to cope with the demands of large scale projects and our established relationships with other professionals, the local authorities and with local iwi and hapu are invaluable assets to ensure the smooth running of any development.

RMY Legal services include:

Resource Consents
Water Rights
Waste Management
Building Act
Conservation Act/Reserves Act
Coastal and Harbour Issues
Development Levies
Land Drainage
Waahi Tapu Sites
Dispute Resolution and Avoidance
Judicial Review
Civil Litigation on Public Law Issues

For more information please contact Charles Wilkinson, Scott Grieve, John MiddletonScott Chamberlain or Adam Thame for advice on your Land Development needs today.


The first thing you need to know about litigation is that it’s not always the best way to resolve conflict as it can be an expensive business for all involved. Our experienced lawyers at RMY Legal can advise you about the most appropriate way to resolve your conflict and can represent you if litigation is unavoidable. Over the years we've won more than our fair share of cases but you need to talk to us and we will frankly assess your position. We also provide mediation services – as mediators, or as advocates; whatever is needed.

RMY Legal services include:

Advice on
Disputes involving Contracts, Shareholders, Partnerships or Joint Ventures
Debt Recovery
Insolvency Litigation, Receiverships, Liquidations

Other disputes

Civil Litigation
Construction and Engineering Disputes
Estate Claims
Health and Safety in Employment Act
Insurance Litigation
Land and Property Disputes
Negligence Claims
Relationship Property Division
Transport Law

Courts and Tribunals we regularly appear in

District Court
High Court
Family Court
Youth Court
Court of Appeal
Supreme Court
Employment Court
Environment Court
Employment Relations Authority
Local Authority and Commissioner hearings
Professional Disciplinary Tribunals
Waitangi Tribunal

For more information please contact Ian Matheson Charles Wilkinson, Scott Grieve or any one of our partners for advice on your Litigation Law needs today.


If you’re buying your first home or developing large Commercial and Residential Subdivisions our team of specialist lawyers can help you every step of the way no matter how large or small. We are also able to advise on the most appropriate ownership structure for your property and can assist with forming Family Trusts, Limited Liability Companies, LTC's (A Look-through Company) or other legal entities.

RMY Legal services include:

Advising Clients on Buying and Selling
Obtaining the best Mortgage Finance
When it's best to get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM).
Building Contracts and Building Consents
Rights of Way and Easements
Freehold, Leasehold, Cross Lease and Unit Titles
Investment Property
Commercial and Retail Leasing
Lease of Maori Land Issues
Property Development
Family Trusts
Retirement Village, Sales and Purchases

For more information please contact John Middleton, Charles Wilkinson, Scott Grieve, Scott Chamberlain, Adam Thame, Stephanie GeorgeSarah Kirkland, Bayley Roylance or Andrew Bright  for advice on your Property Law and Trust needs today.

Resource Management

Our specialist Resource Management and Environmental Law team is headed by Charles Wilkinson and Scott Grieve who both have a wide range of expertise and experience. Resource Management Act legislation has had far-reaching effects on many people and we look forward to providing you with advice on any Resource Management/Environmental Law matters including Local Government and Public Law Issues.  Charles and Scott are both strong advocates having represented clients in various forums such as District and Regional Council hearings, before national committees and in the Environment Court and High Court.

RMY Legal services include:

Acoustic Issues (dog kennels, Broiler farms etc.)
Coastal Subdivisions
Complex Subdivisions
Discharge Permits
District/Regional Plans and Policy Statements
Hazards Control
Heritage Buildings
Iwi/Treaty of Waitangi Issues
Local Government Issues including Consultation
Maori Land/Leases
Oil and Gas
Resource Consents
Subdivisions and Development Control (acting for councils, applicants or submitters)
Water and Waste Water
Wind Farms

For more information please contact Charles Wilkinson or Scott Grieve for advice on your Resource Management needs today.


In Taranaki, farmers are the backbone of our region’s economy and the team at RMY Legal has taken a strong interest in rural affairs for more than 80 years. Farming is still our country’s single biggest industry and for many families, the traditions go back generations so we understand the importance of protecting the land and finances of such a vital part of our culture.

RMY Legal services include:
Investments in Land and Technology
Dairy Industry Financing
Decisions about Ownership Structures
Governance and Management
Planning for Generational Change
Relationship Property Protection and Division
Agreements with Dairy Companies
Agreements with Banks, other Landowners, Employees, Suppliers and Contractors
Maori Owners Groups
Maori Trustee Matters
Maori Land Court Issues
Trusts and Asset Planning

For more information please contact John Middleton or any one of our partners for advice on your Farming Law needs today.