Christo Lingenfelder

B.Proc (University of Pretoria), Dip. Insolvency Law
Cert. adv. Labour Law, Int. Gen. Cert. H&S (UK)

+64 6 769 8054

A rookie in Kiwi Law, but an expert in South African Law. My family and I moved to New Plymouth in January 2019 in search for a better and safer life. Before moving here, I practised as a lawyer for over 19 years specialising in the law of property, employment, commercial and succession. I have a passion for people and the law and always strive to obtain the best outcomes and or results for my clients. I am currently busy with the bridging exams required to practise as a lawyer in New Zealand, which I am hoping to finish as soon as possible. In the meantime I am working as a legal executive under the control and supervision of excellent and experienced lawyers, to whom I am greatful for the opportunity.

I am hoping to make RMY Legal my permanent place of employment and to serve the New Plymouth community for many years to come.
In my free time I love to play golf and squash, do a little bit of fishing but most of all I can’t get enough of socialising and spending time with my family and friends around a “braai” (South African for BBQ)