Scott Chamberlain

+64 6 769 8060

I moved to New Plymouth in 2009 to take up an opportunity to practice law in a provincial centre where my family and I could enjoy the lifestyle Taranaki offers. General commercial advice, contracting, acquistitions, business financing and securities, business purchases, sales and asset planning are my areas of expertise.

As someone who thrives on solving problems and working through complex situations, I get a lot of enjoyment out of grappling with your worries and turning them into positive results.

I value building long term relationships with my clients, working together with them in partnership for the best outcome and working across a range of projects with them which define their businesses and their lives.

Outside of the law I spend my time climbing mountains and rescuing those who find themselves in difficult situations in that environment.

Being in the mountains gives me a great sense of fulfilment and relaxation, not just for when I’m there for myself, but when I help others out of a tight spot through my work with Taranaki Alpine & Cliff Rescue and Taranaki Land SAR. I also enjoy fishing, mountain biking and karate.